My transatlantic interview experience!

A couple of weeks ago, with the help of technology that is way too deep for me to understand, I was interviewed by Jenny Dubrowsky in Chicago, about treating children and about my upcoming book.  Jenny is a successful and prolific acupuncturist/blogger/author.  Please check out her website  Jenny has edited the interview, which (amazingly) felt like a relaxed chat with a friend in the same room, and posted some of the highlights.  Here are the links:

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School is out: but why do some children struggle to adapt to a holiday routine?

For most kids in the UK, the academic year has just finished.  It's certainly unusual for the summer holidays to start with such amazing weather and most of us will be hoping it continues.  While many kids will be relishing the end of the school routine, and the idea of some fun and downtime, for others it is a different story. Some children that come to the clinic for acupuncture struggle a lot with any change in their routine, and especially with the loss of routine.…

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Are our children all exhausted?

Someone asked me the other day what the most common piece of advice is that I give to the parents of children I treat.  Without doubt, it is to suggest that they reduce their child's commitments and create more downtime in their schedule.  It has become the accepted norm for many school children to have a whole host of organised clubs and activities after school and at weekends.  Most people consider this to be 'a good thing' so why is it that I so frequently suggest…

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Snotty noses: illness or a necessary part of childhood?

  I have seen several babies and toddlers in the clinic this week who have all been in the middle of what can only be described as ‘outpourings of snot’!  They are not ‘ill’, as such, and their parents report that they are happy and energetic.  However, they have an almost permanent stream of mucus running from their nose. It is easy to jump to the assumption that this is inherently ‘a bad thing’, and a sign of ill health in some way, and certainly something…

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Is social media really all that bad?

Almost every week there is a disturbing news item about the detrimental effects too much time on social media is having on our teenagers.  In my clinic, I often perceive that a young person's symptoms are, at least in part, related to their social media use.  But why is this so and what can we do about it? The two symptoms that, in my clinical experience, most often arise in young people (predominantly girls, but not exclusively) as a result of social media overuse are anxiety…

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Babies and emotions

A friend of mine sent me this gorgeous clip of his baby daughter laughing.  As well as making me smile, it made me think about babies and emotions.  The relationship that babies have with their emotions is so different to that which we have as adults. The first thing that struck me is how wonderfully spontaneous the baby's laugh is.  There is no part of her that is questioning whether she should laugh or not, looking at how others might respond to her laughing or wondering…

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Water, water everywhere: how damp manifests in children

This is the view in front of my house at the moment!  Very beautiful but very damp! Wolvercote is always a particularly damp part of Oxford - nestled on the flood plain between the river and the Canal, with the odd lake thrown in to boot.  But the amount of water at the moment is exceptional. Deeply embedded in Chinese culture and thinking is the idea that the external environment has a big effect on the internal workings of our body.  So when it's damp outside,…

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Spring is here and yang is rising

Most of us feel a mixture of relief and happiness when the first signs of spring appear.  We get a bounce in our step and sometimes a surge in vitality too.  In Chinese Medicine, spring is a time when yang (the warm and active part of our energy) rises. One would think that the end of winter would herald the end of pale, pasty and snotty children.  And it often does.  However, over the last couple of weeks I have had a lot of children come through…

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